Research on GANs for Datasets Members Public

I was working on the continuation of a task related to GAN. There was a post about GAN which briefly explained about the introduction of Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) Model so, I guess I will skip the introduction part. The purpose of this research is to look into ways of

A Gentle Introduction to Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) Model Members Public

Generative Adversarial Network or commonly known as GAN model is getting more attention in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) area since last 10 years ago. So basically, how does GAN's work and what is it good for? Let's get started on a quick summary of the GAN model in this blogpost.

Eduardo Gonzalez
Eduardo Gonzalez

Conveyor Belt Tracking System Members Public

Hello guys. I'm here to share a bit of my findings for the past 5 months. I am currently assigned to the robotic part and the automation process of the project. When I was first assigned to the project, my first task was to design a "Conveyor Belt Tracking System"

Syahmi Ahmad

Smart Traffic Light Project Members Public

I was assigned to the Smart Traffic Light Project since January, In this post, I’m going to wrap up all the things that I’ve done for the past 7 months. IntroductionTraffic congestion problems have existed for a long time now. One way to solve the problem is through

Eduardo Gonzalez
Eduardo Gonzalez

Zero Downtime Deployment with Nginx and Docker + Rest API load Testing with Apache JMeter Members Public

I would like to share some of the things I did last few weeks that might be helpful for some of us in the future. IntroductionSoftware availability is one of the important criteria considered for the success of any software. It is important as well to make sure that the

Tan Sek Fook

Sound-based Anomaly Detection (SAD) for Folks in a Hurry Members Public

Machines of all kinds are used to perform different tasks in the manufacturing industry. Loosely put, they are placed together like lego pieces with each individual block serving a useful purpose as the next. A by-product of running all these machines is the symphony they create, just like musicians in

Yusuf Raji

An introduction into Pose-estimation and AlphaPose Members Public

This blogpost explains what pose-estimation is and gives an introduction on AlphaPose. When we mention poses, we usually talk about how a person positions their body in different scenarios. Below we have 2 pictures of 2 different people standing in different ways. On the left, we see a football (soccer)

Eduardo Gonzalez
Eduardo Gonzalez

MRI Segmentation and Tumor Detection Pipeline Members Public

Hi guys, currently I’m working on a pipeline for head tissues and brain tumor segmentation. If you are excited about some brain stuff, keep reading…..else keep reading.... :D The pipeline consist of two major parts: 1- The tissues segmentation model 2- the tumor segmentation model In this pipeline,

Eduardo Gonzalez
Eduardo Gonzalez